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PE in men over 50

PE 1 Premature ejaculation is a condition where men are, for various reasons, unable to have a long enough endurance during vaginal intercourse to last longer than a minute before ejaculation. This is a condition that affects men around the world, and reports have also shown that men over the age of 50 have as much of a chance of having premature ejaculation as younger men. While there are many factors that could contribute to the reason why this continued to occur, most researchers agree that it is a psychological condition that makes the male mentally unable to perform well. Whether or not this is due to conditions that reach these patients from a subconscious level depends on the individual and their background when it comes to past sexual performance.

The Stimulations Used by Prolong

Throughout the first new study into psychosocial cures for PE, stimulations had to be implemented in order to help the males in the study have a better chance of reaching ejaculation. The stimulations, which were all give to the men to perform which during the masturbation exercises, consisted of the following:

  • a vibrator for men
  • lubrication
  • photos and videos to have them mentally prepared

Each male was given enough lubrication to apply to the area before masturbation commenced. Also, during the time they were part of the session they had a certain time period upon which they were not allowed to speak with their partners about the specifics of the sessions. However, after a few weeks they were then allowed to inform their partners and later have their partners become part of the session through the use of surveys based on their experience of vaginal intercourse. The reason for keeping partners “in the dark” about the sessions was to make sure that some of the males who had PE did not have the condition primarily due to their partners.

Recordings and Findings

pe 2

Each session involved the males masturbating and being told to stop before reaching the climax. This was done in order to have accurate data based on just how long these patients were able to masturbate until reaching completion. As noted earlier, throughout their intercourse sessions with their partners outside of the sessions, patients would use a stopwatch and time how long it took for them to ejaculate.

A Better Performance Pill

Eventually, the pills included in the Prolong treatment would get added to the session. While taking the medication, patients took survey questions and answered them based on how they performed while taking Prolong. The results showed that there was a significant improvement in most males.  Additional information about the treatment and the exact data calculated can be found at aboutpe.com.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premature_ejaculation

Submitted by Jack Vale