Shadow Work For Men

Shadow work allows you to explore your shadow, find your emotional wounds and heal them.

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If life is getting you down, if things seem to be pressing in hard on you, and if you are feeling that life is pointless, we may have a solution for you: shadow work.

To start with, what is the Shadow? You might be familiar with Carl Jung’s view of the shadow, which basically amounts to this: all the parts of ourselves which we suppress in some way as we are growing up, to make ourselves more acceptable to the people and the world around us.

A very simple example of this is the way a child might  stop expressing his or her anger since it is not welcome in the family home. In extreme cases, this can lead to an individual growing up with no ability to asset himself, express his needs, or set any boundaries. That’s because anger is not only a natural response to injustice and boundary infringements by other people, but it is also the energy which lies behind our ability to make an impact on the world. Indeed, it is also the energy which underpins our sense of a right to exist just as we are, in the space we occupy.

Even this simple example probably serves to illustrate clearly the impact which our environment (i.e. family, parents, school, siblings, and friends, let alone the impact of winder traumas) has on us, either encouraging us to express parts of ourselves, or keep them locked away out of sight as we grow up.

The parts of ourselves we we put away – or hide, repress and deny – go into shadow: which is simply another term for the unconscious mind. There, repressed thought they may be, these parts actually retain their energy. They also seek expression, which often appears in a distorted form. So anger, for example, may become rage, violence and a force for destruction. Or it may be turned deeper inwards and become a psychic attack on the self, causing prolonged depression.

Are you looking for better relationships, more harmony, less stress, greater clarity, and more personal power?

Want a safe place to do more work on yourself?

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity to dive deep, to really explore and then heal your wounds in a supportive circle of conscious men?

Tired of the same old, same old stuff coming up again and again?

Well, we have a solution for you…

An Emotional Process Workshop.

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We create a safe place for you to work on your Shadow.

What exactly is an “Emotional Process Work” workshop, and what does “working on your Shadow” mean?

It’s a group workshop for men where you can explore your Shadows, rebalance your archetypes and find emotional healing. You can think of this as a workshop where individual pieces of emotional personal work are longer, deeper, more extensive and, most important, transformative.

This is an exploration of your deeper emotional issues and wounds, with the aim of bringing them into the light and healing them.

Click here to see the calendar of workshops planned for the year ahead. (Offsite link)