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The Grace in Dying – Lessons and insights

The Grace in Dying offers an understanding of dying as a time of profound transformation. Sharing insights gained from conversations with hundreds of hospice patients as they neared death, the course’s essential message is that dying is as much a spiritual event as it is a medical event. During the next three weeks, you will gain insight into dying as a process of coming into deeper and more intimate contact with the sacred. Through readings, discussions, and personal reflections on all that dying has to teach us, you will be invited to integrate these insights into your own life, deepening your awareness of the grace in living as well as the grace in dying.


  • Understand the spiritual dimensions of dying
  • Approach dying — our own and each other’s — with less fear and more clarity
  • Recognize the similarities of dying and universal spiritual practices
  • Apply the lessons that dying has to offer to enhance our own experience of living

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