What’s On – Take Part – Events For Men & Women

If you’d like your men’s events advertised free of charge please let us know. Email  rod@strongfreemen.co.uk

For events at Hazel Hill Wood for both men and women, see https://hazelhill.org.uk/events/

Jai Singh runs powerful online men’s groups and courses online for men, with a particular interest in those who face the challenges of being a dad.

The ManKind Project runs weekend events for men, followed by long term ongoing groups. Find out more at their website:  https://mankindprojectuki.org/

Michael Maisey runs popular and successful men’s weekends:  https://www.thecipproject.com/

Coach Pat Divilly offers men’s groups online: https://www.patdivilly.com/

Rod Boothroyd offers men’s work in different forms: Group work
And one to one work: https://www.takeyourpower.co.uk

Craig White is a veteran in the field of men’s group work: