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Second Time Stag (Nights, that is!)

Planning a stag for the second time around can be a tricky issue as chances are you’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. There’s likely to still be excess but with a shade more sophistication this time around. A bit older and wiser, your second stag offers you the opportunity tolearn from what you enjoyed first time and shape the stag do to you and your friends.

“It’s fair to say that things have moved on a lot from the days of sitting in smoky pubs drinking all day as there is now a vast array of exciting stag do activities on offer to suit every different type of group,” says Patrick Townsley of Maximise, stag weekend specialists.

“We are getting increasing enquiries from second staggers opting for more low key, upmarket itineraries. Tried and tested outdoor pursuits, interesting excursions and R&R time with mates tend to be high on the agenda.”

To help you celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style, Maximise has compiled a selection of top second time stag do activities as well as some tips to consider when planning your second stag.

Perfect your swing on the course

Sometimes, simple and relaxing is the way to go and what can be better than a weekend out on the golf course? From the classic, challenging links play of Edinburgh to the lush greens and bright sunshine of the Algarve, there is a course to suit everyone, no matter what your ability. Perhaps you could even create a tournament amongst your friends to spice things up? The likelihood is that your group will all be at different levels so consider a competition using the stableford scoring system which is more forgiving for those expecting to have the odd bad hole!

Get the adrenaline pumping in the great outdoors

Outdoor stag activities are proving increasingly popular and canyoning is perhaps the pick of the bunch due to its unique blend of climbing, walking, jumping, abseiling and swimming. The general idea is to use one (or more!) of these methods to descend down the canyon.  Couple all this energetic activity with the fact that this is done in a spectacular setting near coastlines or large rivers and this activity is a guaranteed winner with active groups.

Wet your whistle on a brewery tour

Let’s face it, there aren’t many men who’d complain about spending the day sampling fine beers.  But rather than just head to a pub all day consider a brewery tour which is a great choice if you want to enjoy a day’s drinking with the rest of your party but with a touch more refinement. All brewery tours will be supervised by a professional guide who will take your stag group on a tour of the grounds and facility of a famous brewery after which you’ll enjoy a beer tasting session with unlimited beers!

Have a flutter on the gee gee’s

Nothing beats the excitement of betting on a long shot and cheering it home as your friends wonder why they didn’t take your tip! A day at the races is always exciting although be warned, you could of course lose as much as you win. Whether you prefer classic British tracks like Aintree, Liverpool or fancy something more exotic such as Budapest race track there’s a surprisingly diverse array of courses to choose from. Your weekend day at the races includes grandstand or equivalent entry and racecard.

Put your driving skills to the test with a 4×4 experience

‘The worse the weather the better’ – that’s the wisdom when it comes to 4×4 driving. The instructors smile to themselves as the clouds roll in and the water levels begin to rise, knowing that terrible, wet conditions is exactly what makes off-roading fun and challenging. You’ll really put yourself (and your vehicle) to the test as you traverse tracks, pits, troughs, banks and a woodland trek with challenges at every turn. The only question is who will take the crown of best driver in your group?

Top tips for a second time stag

  • Make sure you book decent accommodation – just because you’re on a stag do doesn’t mean you have to slum it. You’ll really welcome having a decent night’s sleep and a good shower and breakfast so that you’ll be raring to go the next day


  • Think about your stag do first time around and others you’ve been on and learn from them – what worked well and what did people enjoy the most? Use your experience to shape your plans this time so that you have the stag do that you really want


  • No matter what you’ve got planned make sure that you have organised a great place to eat on at least one of the evenings. This will ensure that you make time for perhaps the most important part of a stag do – catching up and spending quality time with your best friends


  • Chances are your first stag do was based purely around alcohol and excess – although that’s likely to still play a part this time around you have the opportunity to base it around an experience that you and your mates really want to do so take it with both hands!


  • Keep it small and close knit – although it’s tempting to invite absolutely everyone you know as, let’s face it, it’s difficult to find time to catch up with all of your friends, you’ll find it far more rewarding if you stick to inviting your very closest friends. You’ll be able to speak to everyone properly  and will feel like you’ve spent real quality time with the whole group