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Dating at 50 – the definitive guide..

Wedding season is well and truly upon us.. (well for the 30 somethings), but if you are currently single and would rather have a plus-one, then this article  Dating at 50, the definitive guide from is a must-read! Focusing on the growing use of online dating sites, it reviews the best (and intriguing!) ones out there; from the fun and adventurous to the more sobre and serious.

Whether you are looking for friendship, dating or marriage there is a site for all.. ‘Muddy Matches’ for the country folk, ‘Mature, free and single’ for pretty much all of us and of course ‘Meet Up’ for all kinds of socialising, networking, finding new hobbies and friends and dating. One in five relationships are  started online and according to the source is particularly rewarding for the over 50s;  on the whole we are considered to be smarter – both intellectually and emotionally. We know what we don’t want (previous relationships), what hasn’t worked before and also what we do want in terms of interests, challenges and the direction we hope our maturing years are taking us in.   Take a look a the links to various friendship and relationship sites – there’s even one for men and speed dating..would you try it?