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Working in old age: ‘I don’t want to sit in a chair and sleep’

Dec 17 2013

 What is the attraction of working beyond retirement age? Three people explain how they keep going through their 80s and into their 90s  Neville Parry, 80, chief projectionist, Aldeburgh cinema   I think I’m the oldest “chief” in the country. I have been working here for 40 years and I have never even thought about retirement. I’ve just sort of carried …Read the full article

How to Enjoy (and Succeed) Going Self-employed

Nov 27 2012

Whether you’re jumping into self-employment or being pushed by outside forces, it’s a fact that the percentage of men who are self-employed, and not on someone’s payroll, grows strongly through the 40s, 50s and 60s.  I was 42 when I left my well-salaried job, handed back the company Jaguar, and sat at home alone in …Read the full article

Best Books for Revisioning Work by Alan Heeks

Nov 27 2012

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  ISBN 978-0684858395.  This book combines a lot of clear, practical thinking with strong human values.  It should make your work more pleasurable as well as more effective.  You can get a summary of the book and other resources at The Natural Advantage: Renewing Yourself …Read the full article

Moving from Careers to Portfolios by Alan Heeks

Nov 27 2012

Taken from from Alan Heek’s book Charles Handy* is probably my favourite management guru, one of the few who brings the worlds of feeling and spirit into this area.  He was among the first to foresee the huge changes in our ways of working in the past twenty years, and he coined the term portfolio working.  …Read the full article

Back to work: Drag or Delight?

Jan 05 2012

Find yourself or lose yourself in the daily task As we start the new year, you may be going back to a regular job, or not. Either scenario may leave you happy or blue. January seems a good time to reflect on how work fits into your life. I observe men of all ages talking …Read the full article