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Jan 08 2014

How the great spiritual teachers can help us in these turbulent times Led by Alan Heeks and Cordelia Prescott Saturday 22-Sunday 23 February at The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay near Oxford   Discover how the wisdom of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and others can guide you to a happier present and resilient future, amid the uncertainties we …Read the full article

My dirty little secret…

Aug 30 2013

No shaming, no blaming, just naming: A journey beyond mental illness In Men’s Health Week Kenny will be hosting special group sessions on behalf of the Men Beyond 50 network (Tues 11th June), as well as running his own MENSPEAK Men’s Groups (Mon 10th June), MENSPEAK Shout-a-thon (12th June) and a WOMENSPEAK / MENSPEAK Mixed Group (Thur 13th June) on the theme of mental health, …Read the full article

Warrior to Elder: We’re doing it for the tribe

Nov 08 2012

Learning from my own workshop For some time I’d been feeling how great it would be to have a big gathering of men, so I was delighted when the UK Men’s Network organised one in Brighton recently, and extra glad when they asked me to lead a three-hour workshop at the gathering. I chose the …Read the full article