Category: Ageism

NHS ageism ‘stopping elderly getting cancer treatment’

Dec 18 2013

Widespread ageism throughout the NHS means elderly cancer patients are sometimes being written off as “too old for treatment”, doctors and nurses have admitted. About half of those surveyed in an ICM poll (48 per cent) said they thought “stereotypes and assumptions” about older people were resulting in some patients not getting the best treatment …Read the full article

Few over-65s feel old but half object to ageism – survey BBC

Dec 18 2013

Only 6% of over-65s describe themselves as “old” and only one in three has given serious thought to the care they might need in future, suggests a poll. More than 2,000 people aged 65-93 were surveyed by YouGov for a firm providing support services for older people. Almost half of those questioned (47%) complained of …Read the full article

John McCririck tribunal panel retires to consider ‘ageism’ verdict

Dec 18 2013

John McCririck legal team sought to cast doubt on the credibility of the evidence given by a senior Channel 4 figure as the hearing into his claim for damages against the broadcaster was brought to a close on Monday. Jay Hunt, the station’s chief creative officer, had told the employment tribunal last week that she had offered a …Read the full article