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Volunteering England: Useful info for the would-be volunteer

Dec 17 2013

This guide has loads of interesting articles, guides and tips for Volunteering in general, whether currently employed or otherwise.  Click here to access the article on Volunteering England’s website.  

Volunteers to help in prisons needed!

Dec 17 2013

Could you volunteer to help people in the criminal justice system? If you are interested in helping in a variety of ways  read on..  There are many roles for volunteers and in a variety of environments – a great way of paying it forward whilst getting more involved and reconnecting with people.

European Seniorforce Day: Harnessing the Power of Senior Volunteers

Aug 21 2012

The number of people over 60 is rising fast – in Europe and all over the world. Does that mean that we will be living in less vibrant communities no longer capable of meeting new challenges or providing good opportunities for young and old alike? Certainly not. People in their sixties or over may be …Read the full article