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Exploring Elderhood: Creating the map

Jan 03 2013

The idea of elderhood may sound good, but where do we find the role models, the route to this destination?  These days, we need to create our own map.  The place of elders in tribal society offers some useful ideas: but our own times are so different that we can’t start from here.  People just …Read the full article

Community, ecology, herbal tea… More lessons in life from Findhorn

Jun 27 2012

Why have I just spent all afternoon on my knees, weeding tiny tufts of couch grass from a flower bed? I’d never do this at home. The reasons why I’m weeding are complex, but they’re all because I’m at Findhorn. You can’t easily sum up the Findhorn Foundation in a paragraph, but here goes. It’s …Read the full article

Elders, seniors, oldies: is there a difference? Learning from Findhorn’s Experience

Apr 13 2012

My involvement in the Men Beyond 50 project has prompted me to explore elderhood: for myself and others. This is one reason for my recent visit to the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.  For more about Findhorn in general, see my blog (link to Findhorn posting once published) on this topic. There is an Elders Circle at …Read the full article

How can men beyond 50 make a difference? Exploring being an elder and giving back: FEBRUARY UPDATE

Mar 09 2012

One of my New Year pledges for 2012 is to research how maturing men can fulfil their potential as elders and be of service. This blog posting is both a progress report and a request to all of you reading this to share your ideas and experience. One role where older men are uniquely suited …Read the full article