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MB50 Launch Men’s Sheds Corner!

Dec 20 2013

MB50 is proud to be supporting the UK Men’s Shed Association, which was launched nationally on November 6th.   ‘SHEDDERS’: SEND US YOUR STORIES! We are going to feature a Men’s Sheds Corner here to help spread the word about Men’s Sheds, and encourage all ‘Shedders’ to share the stories; tell your personal stories of …Read the full article

Should Men Beyond 50 be a Campaigning Organisation?

Feb 25 2013

There’s the Men’s Movement, and then there’s activism on men’s issues and campaigning. What’s the difference? As older men we lived through the “men’s liberation movement” in the 1970’s and tried to accommodate ourselves with feminist ideas and politics; men violent, women victims. My main response as I recall at that time was to say …Read the full article

Men’s Group Ground Rules

Feb 19 2013

(courtesy of Kenny D’Cruz, Menspeak) (i) CONFIDENTIALITY Traditionally ‘what is said in this room stays in this room’, though we usually agree that we may discuss our own process and even refer to something that may be helpful to someone out of the group as ‘something I saw on TV’, or ‘my friend said’, etc. …Read the full article

Why join a Men’s group?

Feb 19 2013

One of the best answers we have found to this question was written by Irvin Yallom, The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy . The first edition came out in 1970, and the 5th new and updated in 2005. It details the positive results from the all the best research studies, and has analysed in depth the …Read the full article

Second UK Men’s and Boys’ Conference, November 2012 – MB50 review!

Nov 27 2012

Not so much a movement, more a bunch of tribes and nomads This one-day conference in Brighton was so vivid and varied that it feels risky to offer an overview in one blog post – but here goes! There were lots of illuminating surprises for me at this conference.  One was learning about the extent …Read the full article