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Eight Common Ailments We Develop as We Age

Dec 16 2013

Bette Davis said it well: “Getting old is not for sissies.” No matter who we are — man, woman, rich or poor — we all grow old. But the pace and precise way it happens varies from person to person, depending on genetic and environmental factors. While someone’s genetic makeup plays a huge part in …Read the full article

A bloke called Ryan talking total Bollocks…

Dec 16 2013

Recently CALM went to the first ever National Conference for Men & Boys. There we met a bloke called Ryan – this is his story: “The first time I noticed something was wrong was after I watched Channel 4′s Embarrassing Bodies programme which was about testicular cancer. When I did a self-exam of my balls I …Read the full article

Part 3: Walter Michka’s journey through major heart surgery in the U.S.

Jun 24 2013

Getting what you pay for?   Before my near heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass, I pretty much had one doctor, not counting my dentist— my Primary Care Physician. His name is Joel. I saw him regularly for check-ups and the occasional sinus infection. I went to him with the chest pains I thought were …Read the full article

Heart Attacks & Hospitals by Walter Michka

Jun 07 2013

  When my eyes blinked open after my quadruple bypass, I was in the Intensive Care Unit. I couldn’t move. A plastic tube blocked my view; it went into my mouth and down my throat. Tubes stretched across my forehead, too, taped in place. They ended in a vein in my neck. I could turn …Read the full article

Walter Michka – Life after Quadruple Bypass and more..

Jun 07 2013

Walter Michka is a Chicago writer and comedian who’s worked on national TV, local radio, and major ad campaigns in the States. His short story “Gut Feeling” can be found in the Clackamas Literary Review and his eBook “Thought Nuggets” at fine e-retailers near you. Walter underwent an emergency quadruple bypass in January of 2009 …Read the full article