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November: “Remembrance & Absence”

Nov 10 2014

Be Heard, Be Touched, Be Free.
Our lives are our stories, and not all of them are told. We have created the Listening Tree to give everyone a place to ’pin’ their stories (’leaves’), memorials, podcasts and photographs. Sometimes themed, this month we are marking ‘Movember’ and mens’ mental health, including suicide. Do you have a story?

The Butterfly Effect of Male Suicide by Josh Rivedal

Nov 10 2014

In early 1941, a man named Haakon joined up with the 35th Squadron of His Majesty’s Royal Air Force to fight the Nazis. He served as a tail gunner and flew on many missions including the bombing of Paris. In late 1941, Haakon was shot down over Hamburg, Germany. His face was scraped up and he was struck three times in the back of his neck by shell fragments. He would soon get promoted to 1st Lieutenant and serve the majority of the rest of the war in York, England teaching advanced tactics to members of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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CALM launches the #mandictionary

Jul 18 2014

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is a charity concerned with male suicide. The statistics of this tragic occurence are climbing and are now stating that 1 in 12 men take their own life every day in the UK, and 77% of all suicides are by men.  To raise awareness of male suicide and to give …Read the full article

Suicide strategy launch

Sep 14 2012

Middle-aged men ‘highest risk’ of committing suicide in England – statistics revealed by BBC Health Key reasons could be job or money worries due to the recession, says a new government strategy to reduce the number of suicides. Suicide rates among young men – previously the most at-risk group – have fallen. There was a total …Read the full article

Slipping away on the ebb tide: Suicide and men beyond 50

Aug 09 2011

My friend Bob is a psychotherapist in Wales.  He was visiting me for the weekend when he got a text from Davey, one of his clients.  It read, ‘My kids r ok, but can c no reason 2 carry on.  Wd love to slip away on the ebb tide, noone would notice.  Davey’.  Davey is a …Read the full article