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Oct 31 2013

Dr Phil Hammond’s father committed suicide when he was 7, but he was told it was a ‘heart attack’ and he only got to learn about the real reason – depression –  much later in his 30’s. Dr Phil names his own depression in his article. He is also 51… and so now he’s one of us. HURRAH! Last …Read the full article

My dirty little secret…

Aug 30 2013

No shaming, no blaming, just naming: A journey beyond mental illness In Men’s Health Week Kenny will be hosting special group sessions on behalf of the Men Beyond 50 network (Tues 11th June), as well as running his own MENSPEAK Men’s Groups (Mon 10th June), MENSPEAK Shout-a-thon (12th June) and a WOMENSPEAK / MENSPEAK Mixed Group (Thur 13th June) on the theme of mental health, …Read the full article

Older Men Blow Away the Blues!

Jun 13 2013

Check out the prescription a Doctor gave for depression!… The Five Aces are a popular UK swing band which formed in 1989 – and the 6 members with lead singer Ian Clarkson are now (mostly) older men. Their jive music video of the Morecombe and Wise standard Bring Me Sunshine was released on YouTube in …Read the full article

No shaming, no blaming, just naming: – A journey beyond mental illness

May 16 2013

A fascinating story from Kenny D’Cruz of MENSPEAK. In Men’s Health Week Kenny will be co hosting special group sessions with Max of the Men Beyond 50 network (Tues 11th June), as well as running his own MENSPEAK Men’s Groups (Mon 10th June) and a WOMENSPEAK / MENSPEAK Mixed Group (Thur 13th June) on the theme …Read the full article

Male depression ‘set to increase’

Oct 04 2012

Could the number of depressed men be about to rise? Psychiatrists have warned that the number of men with depression could rise because of changes in Western society. An article in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggests economic and social changes will erode traditional sources of male self-esteem. The authors say men will struggle with …Read the full article