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Is it OK to tell boys to “be a man”? Time Magazine 13th Jan 2014

Jan 30 2014

Time Magazine has the world’s largest circulation for a weekly of about 3.3 million. So it is a big event when it leads with a major article ‘Masculinity Is More Than a Mask‘. The article looks at the old-school brutalising messages US adolescent boys still receive about how to be a man – “Toughen up”, …Read the full article

My ‘crisis of masculinity’ and how feminism set me free

Dec 16 2013

When I realised that gender was made up I stopped worrying about what “being a man” meant. I remember vividly when I first decided that I was a feminist.   I was watching a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologuesdirected by my sister in a small basement theatre in Edinburgh. I came face to face …Read the full article

We need to talk about masculinity

Dec 16 2013

The crisis facing men and boys cannot be solved by reviving the tired stereotypes that oppress and constrain them! Telling men the only way they can be useful is by bringing home money to a doting wife and kids … was an oppressive, constricting message 50 years ago, and it’s doubly oppressive now.’ Photograph: Ae …Read the full article