MB50 pledges support for the Year of the Male

Here are the 4 ways we mean to bring about real change.

The UK charity CALM is making 2014 a year-long exploration and celebration. The Year of the Male intends to ask the big questions. What does it mean to be a man – young, adult, middle-aged or old? Find out more here

MB50 has pledged to support CALM (‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ anti-suicide charity) Year of the Male 4 point Charter to:

  • – Open up the debate what it means to be a “real man”
  • – Focus on men and boys unmet needs in public policy
  • – Create more choice in men’s work roles and skills
  • – Rethink place of men in family life

 We intend MB50 to be a leading voice  and participator. Now it’s time to put some flesh on the bones, and bring it alive. Here are the real changes that MB50 will work to bring about in the Year of the Male: 

  1. Champion what older men stand for:
  • Being truthful, honest… and above all cheeky (“Old enough to know better!”)
  • Being good listeners, finding common ground, and being inclusive of different viewpoints and diverse ways of telling
  • Being vulnerable with open hearts and minds
  • Being peaceful and non-violent 
  • 2.Campaign to meet the needs of older men:
  • Lower levels of suicide and mental illness in older men
  • Support for 50+/Senior Communities to reduce loneliness and isolation
  • Improve the health of older men
  • Reduce stigma and silence about death and dying 
  • 3.Create more happiness (for older men and others):
  • Highlight poverty in older people (men and women)
  • Rethink work roles and skills beyond retirement
  • Support more fairness and more equality
  • Reduce insecurity in work and society
  • 4.Rethink place of men in family life (and beyond):
  • Explore role as older fathers/grandfathers
  • Support intergenerational engagement (mentoring)
  • Create more choice for the many ways of being as older men
  • Open to the many paths of spiritual life (and none) 

MB50 will be there engaging, bringing it alive, and measuring and reporting the real changes that take place throughout the Year of the MaleGET MEN TALKING – let’s do it!