Wise Advice: Getting clear with money

(from Alan Heeks forthcoming book)

We all carry some anxieties and negative beliefs around money. One of the best writers and guides to help you reach a stage of understanding and clearing is Peter Koenig, and I especially recommend his book, Thirty Lies About Money: Liberating Your Life, Liberating Your Money, ISBN 0-595-29236-4.  This is a short and powerful exposure of some of the commonest misleading beliefs about money.

There is a lot of helpful and free information available online.

Peter Koenig’s blog is one of the best and also has some useful tools, see http://peterkoenig.typepad.com. 

At the practical level, eg looking at pensions, care costs etc, there are a number of useful UK websites.  You could try the following:




In looking for professional help with savings, pensions and investments, you might try local Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s).  You can get contacts for local ones at www.unbiased.co.uk.  I would recommend that you look for an IFA with expertise in ethical investments.  You can also contact these through www.ethicalinvestment.org.uk.


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