Upcoming Listings

September 1-3: Nourish, Reflect, Refresh: A men’s support group weekend
Open up to the magic of the wood and the collective wisdom and support of a group of men. Relax and renew with camp fires, music, good food, and acres of trees. There’s scope to meet new aspects of yourself, find the subtler voices, change an old story, play a new part, and hear the collective wisdom of the group. Organised by Alan Heeks and Charles Kemp. Only £88, plus bring food to share. For enquiries and bookings contact Charles: charles.fhp@blueyonder.co.uk or 07737 892891.







October 13-15: Growing through uncertainty
A workshop guided by Alan Heeks, Jane Sanders and … the wood. How can we stay happy when there’s too much change? Are there ways to bounce back and thrive if everyday life and work is getting us down? The answer is cultivate yourself the way an organic gardener or forester tends their ecosystem, so you grow your own wellbeing by learning from nature. In this workshop we’ll explore these questions, with the natural ecosystem of this magical wood as our guide.

Past Events

June 2-4: Fruits of Maturity
Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders invite you to join them at Hazel Hill Wood for a weekend in a supportive space to explore your questions about midlife and beyond, to find your gifts and inspiration, move through challenges and learn how to thrive in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.