New Groups

Thinking of starting your own Mens’ Group?

The MB50 Conversation is growing rapidly and we are working hard to reach more communities and interested parties, but we need like minded volunteers to help! Could you run a group, on a small scale with friends or as a more formal regular community event in your area? You don’t need qualifications, vast amounts of time or specific knowledge.. just enthusiasm, compassion,  willingness to get involved in the set up and basic administration.

A group could be a few people round a kitchen table once a month, or more in line with our existing larger groups model that we use in Camden, where we hire a room in a community centre,  invite the general public, and be a trained facilitator. Whichever option you feel is more suited to you, we are here to help you get going..

Whats involved in starting a new Mens Group?

There is a bit of process to step through to ensure that you and your attendees get the most out of the group, and also the support and training from us..this diagram shows how we generally get from interest to new group, depending on the size and format required. It is intended as a guide but we will happily work through it with you when we meet to discuss further. Obviously if you are thinking of starting something more casual and smaller, some of the steps will be less formal/unnecessary.

New Group Process v2

 In a nutshell:

1. Register your interest via the contact form, and we will be in touch. We will either arrange to meet at an existing group (where logistically possible), or arrange a telephone meeting and take it from there. We will find out a bit more about you and what you are hoping to achieve, and you will have an opportunity to explore more about running a group and whats involved. 

2. If this meeting is mutually productive, we will give you an application form to capture the information we need, and our new group starter pack, which will give you a  detailed checklist of things to consider such as venue, promotion, facilitator training process and more. 

3. We discuss the fundraising opportunities in your local area with you, that may help secure money to pay for the setup of the new group. 

4. Once total funding is in place, we will book your training and you will be a few weeks away from your first new group!

Complete the form below and we look forward to hearing from you!