November: “Remembrance & Absence”

Our lives are our stories, and not all of them are told. We have created the Listening Tree to give everyone a place to  ‘pin’ their stories (‘leaves’), memorials, podcasts and photographs. Sometimes there may be a natural theme, such as our Movember ‘Remembrance and Absence’ month, where we are focusing on Suicide, loss and mental health issues brought about by isolation and depression in older men. We at MB50 and our collaborators have started the ball rolling with ‘Our Stories’ . Send us yours in whatever form you want – a photo or image would be great but not essential.. tell us in words, recording or images. Be Heard, Be Touched, Be Free.

Why the cat?  Most are great listeners! It is also the name of our supporting charity (Conscious Ageing Trust).


If you would like to send us a story, you might find the contributer’s guidelines helpful!

Email us your story at 

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