Here’s help if you’re low at the Festive Season

I wrote this for a friend in his early 50’s, who will probably be alone over Christmas. His kids are with his ex-wife and he had a painful break-up from a new relationship several months ago. If you find yourself feeling down at this festive time of year, I hope this helps.


When our mood is down , it’s easy to keep sinking and forget the steps that could lift us up again… so here are a few reminders that may help:


a. Physical comforts: put on a favourite jumper, curl up on the settee in a nurturing rug, have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, put on some music you love.

b. Gratitude: This may take a bit of effort, but put your attention on the many blessings of your life – past and present. Recall times of happiness, joyful connections with family and friends and, whatever the current problems, there will be things you can be grateful for. For example, you don’t live in a flood zone like Bangladesh or a war zone like Syria. Give thanks, out loud, for the gifts of your life and your situation.

c. Imagine yourself as a bird or a plane and steer yourself up from this emotional zone of low cloud and rain… choose to place your viewpoint above it, where there is clear sky and bright sun.

d. Connect with your higher self or your soul. Imagine a part of you who has chosen all the circumstances of your life – the good and the hard – for a positive reason, as part of your growth journey. From here, look down lovingly on the part of you that’s sad and hurting… send love and compassion. Ask to understand what positive part in your life/soul journey this current downtime can play.

e. Send kindness to another: It’s a researched fact that we feel better when we help someone else, so find at least one small act of kindness which you can give someone.

f. Ask for help: You might call this praying or simply opening to support. At least asking signals your intent!

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