COME AND SUPPORT AND WOMEN – WE WANT YOU there on the 19th – anytime from 3-8pmRunning man black
Come along. Give out fliers. Give out band-aid! Water! Smile (you definitely will) Involve yourself. Take photos. Write about this unique event.. laugh, cry, look away.. connect with us – ANYTHING – show up and be witness.

Be part of the crew: sound, hand-held cams. Awareness of shooting outside daylight hours – indoors/outdoors. Idea is for the crew to float around the sharing pods. It will be unique tracking the pods around Waterloo.

INTERESTED? CHALLENGED? Are you up for it? Yes? – All you need to do now is..

  • Get in touch with me and I’ll forward you a short script. Men – Let me know your availability to rehearse both Sunday 16th 2.30-6pm AND Mon 17th Nov 7-10pm. It will be one or the other depending on availability.  
  • Write Nov 19th in your diary. Why not take the afternoon off? LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • When you’re on-board I’ll cast the performing pods so you can learn your part. We can make minor changes to the script in the rehearsal to suit you.

Be one of the pop-up men. It’ll be challenging – yet great FUN. The 4-some ‘pods’ will loop during the day around London Waterloo Station. You may have some familiarity with live performance or you’re just up for it – our work is with the authentic body rather than ‘acting’ as such. old man run You may also be out of a comfort zone!  You’ll learn a few lines and commit to one rehearsal in SW London either Sunday 16th pm or Mon 17th Nov eve. On the day, 19th Nov, we’ll meet around 3-4pm and loop perform the live event every hour till 8pm.  The vision for the pod is for a multi-generational, cross-cultural, interchangeable group of 4.

Read the full brief here