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Out of the Woods; the book and one man’s journey.

Oct 14 2013

I met Alan for the first time early in 2012. He had been on a desert walk in North Africa the previous Autumn, and I remember him saying that in the emptiness of the dunes a BIG QUESTION had come to him – Where are the older men? And then related questions; Where are the …Read the full article

The ‘Human Givens’ Approach

Nov 28 2012

The Human Givens approach provides a mental framework to help us begin to view our emotional life positively rather than negatively: rather than seeing our personal ‘intray’ always as a pile of problems and change as frightening, there is the possibility of seeing it all as a series of opportunities. Click here to find out …Read the full article

It was OK until Slovakia

Aug 09 2012

This is the true story of a middle-aged English male football fan who chose to drive from the UK to Ukraine for the Euro-2012 finals last June. It is the story of a journey across Europe, but not as we know it. To begin with it is a very long way east to the Ukraine, …Read the full article

Pilgrim without map or boots: New lifeskills for the middle years

Apr 06 2012

I aim to have a retreat time of 3 – 4 days every quarter: it’s a good way to rest, renew, and review my direction.  This time, I’m doing a self-guided retreat at the Northumbria Community, a centre in rural mid-Northumberland, inspired by the Celtic Christian monasteries which once flourished in this area. A spiritual practice …Read the full article

Hallo landscape my old friend

Aug 30 2011

This is my third day in the North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales, and I realise I’m feeling high on the scenery.  This has set me pondering, why are some landscapes so special for people – and maybe especially for maturing men. Dentdale is the most westerly of the Yorkshire Dales, and one of my favourite places.  Dent …Read the full article