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Further insights from Europe’s Sleeper Trains…

Oct 31 2012

Do Sleeper Trains Resemble their Country’s Leader??   For those of you eager for a sequel to my blog from the German Nachtzug, here ‘tis.  The Paris – Venice Treno Notte has advanced my insights into the special ways that so-called sleepers help me, and maybe other seekers for truth. The France – Italy sleepers …Read the full article

It was OK until Slovakia

Aug 09 2012

This is the true story of a middle-aged English male football fan who chose to drive from the UK to Ukraine for the Euro-2012 finals last June. It is the story of a journey across Europe, but not as we know it. To begin with it is a very long way east to the Ukraine, …Read the full article

See ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’: Enjoy oldies as the new zeitgeist!

Mar 02 2012

This is a brilliant film in so many ways.  It’s a very funny, moving, and deep exploration of the issues of life beyond 50, and all this arises so naturally from placing a well-chosen range of characters in an extreme and different context, India. Marigold Hotel is a clever example of fiction anticipating fact.  With …Read the full article

Hallo landscape my old friend

Aug 30 2011

This is my third day in the North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales, and I realise I’m feeling high on the scenery.  This has set me pondering, why are some landscapes so special for people – and maybe especially for maturing men. Dentdale is the most westerly of the Yorkshire Dales, and one of my favourite places.  Dent …Read the full article

Why steam trains matter, and Dampfloks are AOK

Aug 02 2011

Many men are searching for meaning, a sense that the events of their life matter and have a shape to them.  I have hatched a belief that steam trains can help in this. If you’re aged late fifties or older, you’ll have grown up with steam trains in your childhood.  I can recall many maturing …Read the full article