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Wise Advice: Getting clear with money

Nov 28 2012

(from Alan Heeks forthcoming book) We all carry some anxieties and negative beliefs around money. One of the best writers and guides to help you reach a stage of understanding and clearing is Peter Koenig, and I especially recommend his book, Thirty Lies About Money: Liberating Your Life, Liberating Your Money, ISBN 0-595-29236-4.  This is …Read the full article

Money – what does it really mean to you?

Nov 28 2012

Peter Koenig : adapted from subliminal messages on money Beliefs Challenge Exercise Below are some common sayings, which often also drive our behaviours. When you are dealing with your own money issues, it is worth taking a few moments to challenge your thinking about which of the sayings you believe in strongly (and which you …Read the full article

Getting clear with money by Alan Heeks

Nov 27 2012

Do you have issues around money?  Most of us do.  And as with work, you may find that what seems to be your problem with money is really a symptom of some deeper habit or belief.  Money is such a big thing in our lives that your attitude to money may mirror basic beliefs about …Read the full article

Giving Back in Tough Times

Dec 15 2011

Here are two more inspiring ‘Giving Back’ ideas plus some joined-up thinking for Christmas: 1.) and micro-finance Think things are tough here? Try living in Bosnia! You may think of it as a small war-torn country somewhere in a far-off place called the Balkans, but in fact by air it is only two half hours …Read the full article