Category: Poverty

Elderly poverty: ‘Living like something from Dark Ages’

Dec 19 2013

Patrick Doyle looks much older than his 66 years. He has been existing in conditions his support worker described as like something from the Dark Ages. It was only when police took Patrick home after he had been mugged, while collecting his pension in Nottingham, that they discovered his plight. They found a home – a …Read the full article

Protecting older people with a disability from living in poverty

Dec 17 2013

New research on attendance allowance says more should be done to support those receiving the benefit Attendance allowance (AA) is a weekly cash payment to older peoplewith disabilities by the Department for Work and Pensions, worth between £59 and £73. It is a contribution to the extra costs of living with adisability and rarely, if ever, receives …Read the full article

Older people’s incomes are stretched to the limit

Dec 17 2013

Many pensioners cope because of their extreme resourcefulness and determination not to get into debt – something they are proud of. They prioritise paying their household bills, shop around for good deals when they can, and go without things that many people would take for granted, such as replacing broken household goods or holidays. But …Read the full article