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Every Man needs a Shed by Paul Swatridge

Dec 17 2013

I have spent a lifetime building and enjoying sheds. It all stems from my den-building childhood on a farm in the 1950s. Fond memories of secret tunnels in ditches where the weeds were over my head. Spaces under hedges, a posh den in a disused chicken house, with the sign ‘The Club’ over the door. …Read the full article

Out of the Woods: Major feature in The Times Highlights and the back story

Oct 14 2013

Highlights and the back story It was actually four months before the launch of my book that The Times decided they wanted to run a major feature on it, and asked if they could send a reporter along to a workshop.  This  can be a risky move, but I said yes, provided that their reporter …Read the full article

2013 Top 65 World Thinkers!

May 13 2013

Last month Prospect Magazine  asked its readers and online followers to vote for their choice of the 2013 top 65 World Thinkers. Online  polling produced 10,000 responders from over 100 countries. The results for the top 10 are: all MEN, all OVER 50 (4 are over 80!!!), and the winner is very active on Twitter …Read the full article

MB50 Challenge: Find us Poems for older Men!

Mar 13 2013

Are there poems to inspire us as we grow older? Many poets are men, and of course over time they all grow old. But what I am wondering is – Are there particular special poems we need to read as older men? Or put another way do older men write differently than when they were …Read the full article

A Shed of One’s Own: Worth a read? Laughs from a book for midlife men

Feb 16 2012

A Shed of One’s Own is a brand new UK book on men and middle age. It’s an encouraging sign of this topic rising into prominence that the book has just been read on Radio 4, and was actually in stock at Waterstones. The keynote of the book for me was this comment: you can only …Read the full article