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You Tube vid: Ageing Population in UK and Europe 1985 – 2010 project to 1935

May 09 2013

Want to know  more about statistics relating to age and longevity?: Check out the You Tube clip for a short introductory briefing on ageing with useful facts and helpful visuals!! WARNING: the presenters voice may annoy… but the content is worth a listen!!  

Meet, Talk (Part 2)… and Make Connections

May 09 2013

How best can the Men Beyond 50 Network speak up about our common needs and gifts? How can our voice reach a wider audience? One part of the answer is to focus on creating a face to face network and events that meets the specific interests and specific concerns of older men, including around lifeskills, …Read the full article

FutureScapes Scenarios for 2025

Jul 31 2012

FutureScapes is a recent collaboration of Forum for the Future a leading UK sustainability charity and Sony.  Their late 2011 report is available as a free download, but is work in progress, with public and organisations invited to join in its future evolution. This work is not a prediction, but it is an interesting set of …Read the full article

Greek debt crisis – questions – Guest Blog by Konstantinos Todoulos

Jun 01 2012

This guest blog, written by Konstantinos Todoulos, originally posted on the Jubilee Debt Campaign website, offers an impressively clear picture of the real story behind the Greek debt crisis. With the Greek debt crisis still dominating the headlines, Konstantinos Todoulos answers 5 frequently asked questions. “The Greek crisis is the result of trying to shield …Read the full article

Capitalism at Risk: Joseph Bower. Even big business feels the need for change

May 25 2012

It takes four hours by bus and train from my home in Bridport to central London.  The first time I’ve gone to London just for an evening was to hear Joseph Bower speak about his book, and see the response.  It was worth it. Professor Joseph Bower is a heavyweight at Harvard Business School, sits …Read the full article