Category: Social Inclusion

Meet, Talk… (Part 1):

Apr 26 2013

“What we want are real (not virtual) social networks!” Meet, Talk… : Our vision has always been to make Men Beyond 50 a true network, and we feel the time is now right to take the next steps to make this a reality. The main message from the MB50 Questionnaire which we circulated in January …Read the full article

Elderhood in Action!

Jan 09 2013

The Men Beyond 50 project champions ‘Giving Back’ and ‘Speaking Out’ by older men. Learning from elders (men and women ebbs together) is one of the main ways this can happen and here is one of the most inspiring and practical projects we have seen:                                                                    The Amazings ! The Amazings project offers “classes, course …Read the full article

The Hubbert Curve: why we all need to know about it

Jul 26 2011

Whatever your age and gender, the Hubbert Curve predicts huge changes which will have a big impact on your life, and everyone worldwide. M. King Hubbert was an American petroleum geologist with Shell, who in the 1950s started to calculate global supply and demand.  His work has since been updated, and the current Hubbert Curve …Read the full article