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What trains can teach us about relationships..

Sep 30 2015

Imagine that a relationship is like the connection between railway carriages…

The integrity of the Trickster

Sep 24 2015

I was brought up to be a good boy; eat what I’m given, say the right things and above all do what I’m told. Over the years I’ve realised that there are more of us around than we realise. Good boys, working to a set of rules imposed on us by someone else.

Do you really want me to be vulnerable?

Sep 22 2015

Growing up I’d learnt that it wasn’t OK for me to be in touch with my emotions. It wasn’t OK for me to be vulnerable. As a boy and young man I’d had years of conditioning that had made me believe that I would be seen ‘as less than’ or not a real man

Fred – My Brother by Max Mackay James

Nov 10 2014

I miss my brother. I was 21 when Fred died. He was aged 28. He killed himself, and I was bereaved by suicide.
You don’t get over it – I haven’t – and the sadness lasts. But his death is a long time ago now, over 40 years, and these days I find it harder to get in touch with my memories. So I look for ways to help me to remember.

The moment my life changed forever – Ian.

Nov 10 2014

I lost my brother to suicide nearly 11 years ago. He was 34 and I worked with him in a fireplace business. When a job opportunity came along for me to work in America for 5 months, he told me to go and pursue my dreams. On coming home I found his business had gone bankrupt, he had lost his home, and his marriage had broken up. He had disappeared, and although a friend of his told me he had gone on holiday, five weeks had gone by and I was quite worried about him. I broke into his flat and found he hadn’t gone away at all. He had hung himself and he had been there for 5 weeks.