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Eight Common Ailments We Develop as We Age

Bette Davis said it well: “Getting old is not for sissies.” No matter who we are — man, woman, rich or poor — we all grow old. But the pace and precise way it happens varies from person to person, depending on genetic and environmental factors. While someone’s genetic makeup plays a huge part in …Read the full article

A bloke called Ryan talking total Bollocks…

Recently CALM went to the first ever National Conference for Men & Boys. There we met a bloke called Ryan – this is his story: “The first time I noticed something was wrong was after I watched Channel 4′s Embarrassing Bodies programme which was about testicular cancer. When I did a self-exam of my balls I …Read the full article

Practical Checklist for the Serious Illness Journey

Here are a number of check-lists for the journey to help you think about, plan and prepare for all the different aspects of having a serious illness: Consultations and Appointments: Ask the Questions you want Answered Write down a short list of the most important questions you want answered before each and every consultations and …Read the full article

Planning a Stay in Hospital: How to Get Organized

Remember the main objective is to get out of hospital as soon as possible! You may be able to shorten your stay by discussing your needs with the healthcare professionals and taking their advice about what you are going to be capable of while you get better. Plan ahead who can help you at home, …Read the full article

Health Information on the Net

How to navigate the web for good health information and advice? Whether it is searching for information on a serious illness, healthy lifestyle advice, or simply to find out more about a specific symptom, the web is a wonderful source of reliable and trustworthy information. It is also a place where fools, sirens and charlatans …Read the full article