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How valuing friends makes twilight years the happiest

Dec 16 2013

As people grow old they become cantankerous, grumpy and generally unhappy with their lot in life, according to popular portrayal. Far from the Victor Meldrew stereotype, those in their twilight years are actually happier than younger people  because they have learnt the value of a true friend. People who value their friendships report having happier …Read the full article

International Men’s Day Storytelling Event, 19th November, London

Nov 17 2013

 Men spill the beans on their personal, quirky and relationship experiences at a free London storytelling event for International Men’s Day Men will be invited to share their stories to a mixed audience, dispelling the myth that men don’t speak, at a special event in London on 19 November 2013 to mark the 13th annual international Men’s Day. …Read the full article

Can you make friends – good, true friends – in a pub? Joe Hackett explores

Sep 06 2012

A man walks into a bar and he says ….well, what does he say? Let’s suppose that he’s new to the area, looking to extend his circle of friends. A bar is as good a place as any to find a male friend. Pubs are a neutral meeting point. I’ve made friends in pubs – …Read the full article