Category: Soul Searching

The integrity of the Trickster

Sep 24 2015

I was brought up to be a good boy; eat what I’m given, say the right things and above all do what I’m told. Over the years I’ve realised that there are more of us around than we realise. Good boys, working to a set of rules imposed on us by someone else.

A conversation with the elders – (Where are the Elders in Iron John)

Mar 10 2014

For me and many other men the story of Iron John has become that rarest of things a myth and more than that it is an allegory that I use to stir myself when things aren’t going well and I need inspiring. At times it can also be a metaphor for my life. Never more …Read the full article

A conversation with the elders – (What I want) – Part 2

Feb 10 2014

Feeling a lack of male elder energy in my life I’ve started this series of articles to start a conversation with the elders. In the hope that they are as ready to share as I am to listen and bless as I am ready to honour. Firstly who are my elders? I believe that any …Read the full article

A conversation with the elders – (A personal one) Part 3

Feb 03 2014

There is a part of me that has felt that my experience of manhood has been lacking without having a significant elder presence in my life. My father is present and our relationship is growing, but there are times I feel that something is missing. Something that ties me to more closely to humanity, those …Read the full article

A conversation with the Elders: part 1

Feb 03 2014

Perhaps it’s reaching 45, seeing my son with my father and the relationship they have, coming from a community that has always valued the presence of multiple generations living together. However I’m becoming more and more aware of the lack of male elders and elder energy in my life. Some of this comes from being …Read the full article