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Create your own Rite of Passage

Dec 16 2013

Any good rite of passage has 5 main components 1. The Call. Most men at some point in time feel a longing to go through something hard, to taste danger, death, and the unknown. If you have ever felt that longing, it is what Joseph Campbell describes as “the call to adventure” on the hero’s journey. …Read the full article

10 Bizarre Rights of Passage

Dec 16 2013

  Rites of passage in adolescence are a cross-cultural phenomenon. They have existed throughout human history and may be a significant factor in the development of a stable adult personality. In Western culture, we are familiar with such rites as the Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 16 parties, and Quinceañera. In tribal cultures, coming of age ceremonies …Read the full article

The Wisdom Quest: A Rite of Passage into Elderhood

Jun 07 2013

Rites of passage are activities and rituals to recognise, enable and celebrate the move from one life stage to another.  We can see a faint vestige of this currently for teenagers finishing secondary school.  Traditional tribal cultures placed great importance on rites of passage, and I believe modern society would benefit too: including the start …Read the full article

Martin Chuzzlewit: book by Charles Dickens. Do older men reap what they sow?

Apr 24 2012

I surprised myself by choosing a Dickens novel for my recent holiday reading.  He’s not even in my top ten novelists, and I haven’t read any Dickens for years, but I enjoyed this book. Martin Chuzzlewit has qualities I expected from Dickens, plus some pleasant surprises.  It has plenty of over the top, entertaining Dickensian …Read the full article

Father of the Bride: A Rite of Passage for You Too

Jun 09 2011

A few weeks ago my younger daughter got married, the first wedding in our family for over twenty years.  The intense feelings of that day are still strongly with me, they’re a surprisingly large part of my present awareness.  I keep wanting to go up to strangers and tell them about my daughter’s wedding, and …Read the full article