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Why Christianity Is Dying While Spirituality Is Thriving

Dec 17 2013

The title of this post alone will put some branches of the Christian church immediately on the defense. The fact is, however, I travel all over this country coaching religious leaders and consulting with congregations of every stripe imaginable. And there is one overarching conclusion to which I’ve come: Christianity is dying. Or, to put it …Read the full article


Dec 17 2013

There is, unfortunately, a mistaken belief that spiritualityis all about a person’s relationship with the sacred, the divine or some higher being, and has little to do with the material world. For this reason spirituality has been erroneously linked with religion or is considered so esoteric that many in this post-modern world see no place …Read the full article

Facing In to Funerals: Resistance is understandable but useless

Mar 13 2013

For many years, I’ve avoided funerals, and made excuses for not going.  If you’re over 50, you’ve probably realised, as I have, that funeral invitations come more often at this age.  So I’ve decided to face in to funerals, and this is a progress report. I recently attended the funeral of a friend in her …Read the full article