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Dr Phil – Grief after Loss

Dec 17 2013

“Although the experience of grief in some form or another is universal, our reactions within the overall process vary widely. Newer research and my own experience tell me that, really, there are not stages of grief but an array of feelings that arise,” says Dr. Phil in his book,┬áReal Life: Preparing for the 7 Most …Read the full article

Loss and bereavement in people with dementia

Dec 17 2013

This information sheet was put together by Alzheimer Scotland and is a great document to read for anyone who is affected by this disease. Click here to redirect to the article

How Grief may affect older people

Dec 17 2013

As people get older, bereavements occur more frequently. Older people commonly endure loss of a husband, wife or partner, other relatives, friends, former colleagues and associates. Widowhood is usual and because women generally live longer there are more widowed women than men. Loss through bereavement is a major stress on older people, and along with …Read the full article