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Emily Shires Guide to the Mens Movement

Dec 16 2013

While the Feminist Movement conjures up images of Gloria Steinem and The Feminine Mystique, the Men’s Rights Movements (MRM) doesn’t feature similarly famous figures or foundational texts. The formerly all-but-ignored movement does, however, have Reddit groups and other online communities, which are helping it quickly gain steam. In fact, as R. Tod Kelly at The Daily Beastwrites, it is “one of the quirkiest, …Read the full article

Just who are the Mens’ Rights Activists?

Dec 16 2013

An increasingly vocal men’s movement argues that anti-male discrimination is rife. Who are the activists and what do they want? Feminists have spent decades trying to get equal pay and rights for women. But while, in the West at least, discrimination against women is rigorously challenged, a growing band of men’s rights activists say no …Read the full article

Reason for cheer about the men’s movement

Dec 16 2013

Last month I stumbled into a bit of a storm over women-only sessions at a gym in the UK. Peter Lloyd, writing in the right-wing Daily Mail, said that this was a men’s issue that needed to be tackled head on. I challenged him via in the left-wing Guardian newspaper saying that a better way to tackle …Read the full article