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A Realistic and Positive Book on Ageing: Also helpful for the ‘young-old’

“The warmth of the heart prevents your body from rusting”: Marie de Hennezel This is the best book on ageing I have read: well-informed, realistic, as well as warm-hearted and inspiring.  Marie is one of the leading French experts on ageing: she has been studying this field for years, and draws on some excellent role …Read the full article

Emotional Problems and Negative Habits and Beliefs: Making a Start with your Intray

OK, so you have had a feeling for some time that there are some unpleasant and unsorted things in your emotional and mental life, and maybe at 50+ it is time to recognise them and address the intray. So where to start? Whatever the issues you are trying to resolve, these six broad steps should …Read the full article