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Here are three tests to help you decide if you have an addiction.

The CAGE Test for Alcohol Addiction This simple test is surprisingly accurate. Answer yes or no to each question. Have you ever felt you should Cut down on your drinking? Have you ever been Annoyed when people have commented on your drinking? Have you ever felt Guilty or badly about your drinking? Have you ever had an Eye opener …Read the full article

Addiciton: Living with an addict (help for the family)

An addiction destroys families as much as it destroys individuals. Living with an addict is both heartbreaking and exhausting. Family members are torn between how to help the addict and how to avoid being sucked into the addict’s world. Here are some helpful suggestions that I have found over the years of working with addicts …Read the full article

Addiction: Goals for the first year of recovery.

A list of important goals for the first year of your recovery. Use it as a reminder and to help you stay on track in the days and months ahead. Accept that you have an addiction Practice honesty in your life Learn to avoid high-risk situations Ask for help Practice calling friends before you have …Read the full article