Camping Weekend – June 13


Time to pack a bag, pitch a tent and hang out round a campfire, talking, reflecting, exploring and laughing with a bunch of good blokes!

Topics of Discussion

It’s the end of Men’s Health Week, which this year is about Health & Work, so we’ll be discussing this, plus:

  • Purpose & Passion
  • Unemployment & Retirement
  • Self-employment & Stress
  • plus the work of our fathers, as Sunday is Father’s Day

Feel free to bring male friends, relatives, acquaintances who might benefit from this (any age).

There are excellent showers, clean comfy loos, a good shop, a cozy cafe, the forest to walk in, bikes to hire, deer, rabbits, birds, bees, wildlife and a wild life to explore. Wood for the fire can now be bought from the shop.

Can you believe that the heart of the forest is near the end of the Central Line? There’s parking too.

Newcomers are welcome, and it’s cool to bring sons / boys / new men if you like. I think the camp site is fine with dogs too, so check out their site!

Why is it “Men Only”?

For newcomers who might be wondering, no, this isn’t a “gay thing”. We have men only personal development groups so that men can honestly and openly discuss the sorts of things that they may not be comfortable discussing when women are present. Plus they won’t be tempted to put on a facade to impress the women.


This is a free event, in that there’s no charge for participating in the group activities, however you do have to pay the camping ground owner for you campsite which is a snip at £8 per person per night with a fire pit pitch. (Please pay direct to the Debden House campsite and let them know that you are with Kenny and the MENSPEAK Men’s Group)

If you’re coming please let us know by registering at our page


This event will be facilitated by Kenny D’Cruz, the facilitator at MENSPEAK personal development groups and personal development consultant. Find out more about Kenny at

If you don’t have a tent, let me know and I’ll see who has a spare (I have a couple). If you have an extra tent, please let me know as I know some want to come and need shelter.