CALM launches the #mandictionary

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is a charity concerned with male suicide. The statistics of this tragic occurence are climbing and are now stating that 1 in 12 men take their own life every day in the UK, and 77% of all suicides are by men. ┬áTo raise awareness of male suicide and to give men a unique way of expressing their thoughts about it, CALM has come up with the #mandictionary.. an online ‘dictionary’ where they are asking men to write their own definintion or interpretation of some every day words.. here are some examples:

MANKIND The almost impossible task of being kind to yourself and asking for help when feeling at your most low.

MENTION[verb] To award someone a small credit that could make a big personal difference

MANLOOK / adj. A nonchalant scan of an area through the eyes of one who has already decided an item is not bloody there ok!

Manicles (n.) The things in your head, or your life, that stop you from being you”

CALM like ourselves have drawn attention to the fact that male suicides are often a result of a cultural/ gender barrier – men stereotypically do not open up and talk about their problems and fears and may see doing so as a sign of weakness or failure in their community. The #mandictionary gives us all a place to add our entries, connect with other men and voice our concerns and fears instead of bottling them up. It adds humour and intellect to emotions that men often feel too inhibited to share.Try it for yourself!

Post your definitions and words using the hashtag #mandictionary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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