About Us

Who We Are

Men Beyond 50 (MB50) is for older men from all walks of life: if you are male and over 50, you are included.

 MB50 Core Valuesmb50-strapline

“Old Enough to Know Better”: Truthful, Honest, and above all Cheeky!

 MB50 Guiding Principles

Love is what we have in common, and this is what MB50 stands for:

  • Being vulnerable with open hearts and minds
  • Being truthful and honest in everything we say, do, and write
  • Being good listeners, and inclusive of different viewpoints and diverse ways of telling
  • Being peaceful and non-violent
  • Being part of  ‘grassroots’ collaborative communities

 MB50 Main Aim

“Get Men Talking”: about life, death, love, health, money, retirement, and everything in between as we talk, listen, laugh and grow together, and bring about positive change to men’s lives, our communities, and society at large.

 How do we do it?

Telling our stories, standing up for our vulnerability, and spreading the word through:

i. MB50 Groups (setting up, facilitating, training and hand-over so self-sustaining)

ii. MB50 Storytelling Events (putting on performances, workshops publicising and broadcasting)

iii. MB50 “Conscious Ageing 50+” Campaign: standing up for our vulnerability as older men, rethinking beyond ‘yes/no’ issues, welcoming diversity, speaking out for more fairness and positive change, being inclusive, and engaging with communities and younger people.

 Want to Write/Tell your Story?

The voice of older men is distinctive, and older men have an important contribution to make. We welcome contributor/writers to the MB50 website (for stories, commentary, essays, opinion pieces, videos, podcasts, photo essays) – please check out:

(*Most MB50 stories are told by older men, but there are also some here by older women and younger people)

 Who keeps MB50 going?

MB50 Friends have an informal steering group that helps guide, support and grow the project. Current members are Max Mackay-James and Kenny D’Cruz. Frankly we struggle to do everything we want MB50 to do, and we really need your help and would like more men to become MB50 Friends and Volunteers. If you are inspired by what we are doing, and have got the time, passion, and commitment, please check out:

 What keeps us honest?

MB50 is a lead project of the Conscious Ageing Trust charity (registered UK charity 1120811). Conscious Ageing Trust supports and funds all MB50 core activities, also looking after the administration and the money, and being legally responsible for everything MB50 does so it fulfils its charitable purposes.


Any financial support you can give is hugely appreciated. Conscious Ageing Trust relies on public donations for 100% of its funding, we are continually fundraising, and, if we don’t get the money each month, MB50 cannot do what it wants to.  Read more about donations and what we need them for here.