Welcome to the CAT Listening Tree; for all our stories, poems and memories… It is a place to Be Heard, Be Touched, Be Free. We will add your ‘leaves’ in words and pictures, anonymously or otherwise. It may be themed, it may travel, but like all trees, it will grow and age and accomodate us all.

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  • The Butterfly Effect of Male Suicide by Josh Rivedal

    In early 1941, a man named Haakon joined up with the 35th Squadron of His Majesty's Royal Air Force to fight the Nazis. He served as a tail gunner and flew on many missions including the bombing of Paris. In late 1941, Haakon was shot down over Hamburg, Germany. His face was scraped up and he was struck three times in the back of his neck by shell fragments. He would soon get promoted to 1st Lieutenant and serve the majority of the rest of the war in York, England teaching advanced tactics to members of the Royal Canadian Air Force.
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  • November: "Remembrance & Absence"

    Be Heard, Be Touched, Be Free. Our lives are our stories, and not all of them are told. We have created the Listening Tree to give everyone a place to ’pin’ their stories (’leaves’), memorials, podcasts and photographs. Sometimes themed, this month we are marking 'Movember' and mens' mental health, including suicide. Do you have a story?
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  • "The men in my family" by Max Mackay-James

    The picture is of my father when he was fourteen. We all called him 'Bob' rather than Dad. I don't know why, and I've never found out where the name came from. He wasn't a Robert or anything - his real name was Peter. Growing up, I didn't know anyone else whose Dad was called Bob. The name was a bit magical, it made him special in my eyes.
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  • The moment my life changed forever - Ian.

    I lost my brother to suicide nearly 11 years ago. He was 34 and I worked with him in a fireplace business. When a job opportunity came along for me to work in America for 5 months, he told me to go and pursue my dreams. On coming home I found his business had gone bankrupt, he had lost his home, and his marriage had broken up. He had disappeared, and although a friend of his told me he had gone on holiday, five weeks had gone by and I was quite worried about him. I broke into his flat and found he hadn’t gone away at all. He had hung himself and he had been there for 5 weeks.
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  • "My second life": Matisse

    "Only what I created after my illness constitutes my real self: free, liberated.” At the end of the Second War – in his 70’s, weak from major surgery, ill and dying with cancer, confined to a wheel chair, separated from his wife, his daughter a victim of torture in the war, and having lost his entire life’s work, Matisse retired to his bedroom. To refuse to live and to die?…Or?
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  • Fred - My Brother by Max Mackay James

    I miss my brother. I was 21 when Fred died. He was aged 28. He killed himself, and I was bereaved by suicide. You don't get over it - I haven't - and the sadness lasts. But his death is a long time ago now, over 40 years, and these days I find it harder to get in touch with my memories. So I look for ways to help me to remember.
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