• "The men in my family" by Max Mackay-James

    The picture is of my father when he was fourteen. We all called him 'Bob' rather than Dad. I don't know why, and I've never found out where the name came from. He wasn't a Robert or anything - his real name was Peter. Growing up, I didn't know anyone else whose Dad was called Bob. The name was a bit magical, it made him special in my eyes.
  • The moment my life changed forever - Ian.

    I lost my brother to suicide nearly 11 years ago. He was 34 and I worked with him in a fireplace business. When a job opportunity came along for me to work in America for 5 months, he told me to go and pursue my dreams. On coming home I found his business had gone bankrupt, he had lost his home, and his marriage had broken up. He had disappeared, and although a friend of his told me he had gone on holiday, five weeks had gone by and I was quite worried about him. I broke into his flat and found he hadn’t gone away at all. He had hung himself and he had been there for 5 weeks.
  • Fred - My Brother by Max Mackay James

    I miss my brother. I was 21 when Fred died. He was aged 28. He killed himself, and I was bereaved by suicide. You don't get over it - I haven't - and the sadness lasts. But his death is a long time ago now, over 40 years, and these days I find it harder to get in touch with my memories. So I look for ways to help me to remember.

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